Britteni Goes Bald For Childhood Cancer Research

Britteni O’Cain works at the local Starbucks in downtown Greenville, SC. During her time there, she met a young lady named Julia who has faced brain cancer but remains joyful. Julia’s spirit and fight left an impact on Britteni so she decided to shave her head to honor Julia and raise money for childhood cancer research.

In her own words: “I’m inspired by a young woman who has been coming into my store since I started there almost 3 years ago. She has had multiple brain operations for tumors/cancers and is the most positive teen out there. Julia Dandeneau always has a smile on her face. I don’t understand it. I admire it…and I want to be more like her. So, I’m going bald…to raise money for kids with cancer and to remind Julia and the rest of the bald beauties out there how awesome being bald can be.”

Britteni and Julia… you are both such inspirations!!  

If you’d like to make a donation, please visit —->

 — in Greenville, SC.

IMG_1979IMG_2002IMG_2198IMG_2333 IMG_2277IMG_2366IMG_2430


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